Specializing in Stream Debris Removal
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Stream Debris Removal

Our team is expertly trained in stream debris removal, we will come to any site and assess the area to ensure we can prevent flooding, while also controlling erosion. We will clear any loose debris, and snag & drag other potential debris.

Imagery of Wetland Planting

Wetland Planting

Wetland planting is the process of planting native wetland vegetation to the area to help control erosion while providing needed nutrients for other organisms that live nearby, while also filtering drinking water by removing contaminents and metals.

Imagery of Wetland Planting


Whether it's for commercial or residential, our services can greatly benefit farmers with low-lying land on canals and creeks to ensure fields have proper drainage and control erosion for continual harvests.

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Waterway Navigation

Clearing waterway navigation routes can be beneficial to counties looking to increase revenue by attracting kayakers, canoers or fisherman which can bring traffic to local businesses.

Reliability you can trust, since 2000.

We've been serving our clients with great pride for almost 20 years, from private services and hurricane cleanup to Government sites, our team has the expertise to ensure your project will be completed above industry standard to guarantee satisfaction.

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No subcontracting, just our trusted team.

Our jobs are never subcontracted, the only workers that will be on site that will be our dedicated and trained team to better ensure your job is done efficiently, and safely.

Imagery of the J&J Crew

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J&J Environmental is run by Jim Droze who has been in service for almost 20 years, specializing in Stream Debris Removal which includes clearing and snagging fallen trees and limbs, planting of wetlands as well as obnoxious water weed control. Our philosphy is no job is too big or small, from large government jobs, home owner services, to clearing pathes for kayakers and canoers. We enjoy our line of work throughly but providing customers satisfaction and seeing the results is the best part of the job.

We work closely with the NC Department of Environmental Quality & Division of Soil and Water to keep up to standard with our practices, as well as receiving funding.

Community Outreach

Some sites are eligible for classroom use for local schools, allowing students to monitor nitrogen and nutrient levels in the area to better understand how certain plantlife can effect wetlands.

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Q: Do you give free estimates?
A: Yes, we will travel to your location and determine a solution for your needs and propose an estimate.

Q: How far do you travel?
A: We service the waterways of the East Coast and beyond.

Q: When is the best time of the year to plant?
A: The best time to plant is between November - April to allow the plants to establish before the Summer.

Q: What equipment do you use?
A: Some equipment we use on our sites include 16-ft barges equipped with hydraulic winches, portable winches, chainsaws with 20 inch - 36 inch bars, and aluminum boats with motors.

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