I Can Do All Things Through Christ Which Strengtheneth Me

Philippians 4:13


Hello, My name is Jimmy L. Droze, Jr.

    I am the owner of J & J Environmental, LLC along with my wife Jennie. We live on the outside of a small town in Northeastern NC. We have been in business for over 13 years. We enjoy our line of work and the satisfaction that it gives to our customers.

Stream Debris Removal   Stream Debris Removal

    Now I would like to tell you a little about our line of business. Our company does something called Stream Debris Removal (AKA: clearing and snagging or snag and drag, planting of wetlands and obnoxious water weed control). Our work stretches out mostly on the East Coast where flooding occurs. Most of our work comes from the results of hurricanes and strong force winds. When the wind blows trees and debris into creeks, canals, rivers and streams we clean it up. This prevents flooding of croplands and helps control erosion problems for farmers.

Stream Debris Removal   Stream Debris Removal

    Our work even extends to Paddlers (ex:canoe and kayak). In this sport you come to small canals and creeks that usually small boats do not enter. We help by cutting paths through fallen debris to help Kayakers and Canoers have better navigation. This sport has grown over the past years and the need for clear trails has become a priority. Paddling helps to bring extra revenue into the Counties that support it.

Stream Debris Removal   Stream Debris Removal

     Wetland Planting. We work closely in our surrounding counties with wetland projects (ex:retention ponds for golf courses, churches, chain stores, etc.) .

Wet Land Planting   Wet Land Planting

We are Licensed/Certified in Aquatic Spraying #023-29415




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